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I come on to post every-now-and-than and to check my messages but i'm not reblogging or following anyone or going on my dash.

Always Waiting

hi. hows life treating y’all?

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whymarina yelled:
Hi, I was wondering if you know what event post/79961371035 was taken at?

idk one of the noah premieres

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Tom Felton, Greg James, George Barnett, Sam Reid, Jourdan Dunn and George MacKay attend the front row at Burberry Prorsum SS15 during London Collections.

Burberry Prorsum: Arrivals

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Tom Felton and Helena Bonham Carter, 06/19/14

intensitv yelled:
hey i was just wondering if you have an online link to From the Rough? I cant find it anywhere:(

hi. i don’t think its out? its in theaters but i don’t think its online yet. idk tho i’m kinda out of the loop on things

is it out y’all?

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Tom Felton as Erich Blunt in ‘Murder in the First’(Pilot)

out & about in london, june 6th

Tom in London

Anonymous yelled:
do you know any good dramione / lucius malfoy fanfiction??

hi. i’m pretty sure the only ones i know of are these. you can try google tho.

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"Belle" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet

"Belle" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet

Anonymous yelled:
do you want to know what he says?: This is what i want

i know this reply is late and i’m sorry but i truly don’t understand what you want me to say?

i already know what he says, i watched it and my first language is english, so i’m guessing that yours isn’t? idk :/

i’m so sorry!

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Anonymous yelled:
can you translate what tom say in this video"Overview | Murder in the First |"?


i don’t understand. :( do you want to know what he says? or do you need it translated to another language?

anyways, i’m not very good at doing dialog which is why i rarely do gifs with texts so you might wanna find someone else to help you.

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